Exhausted? I’ll show you how to skyrocket your energy so you can maximise your effectiveness and success in business.

Can you no longer ignore the crushing fatigue you feel each day?

Waking with the same dreaded Groundhog Day-like feeling of exhaustion, hitting snooze on your alarm clock until you really can’t afford to lie in bed any longer…

The cloud of brain fog and 3pm crashes that have you reaching for coffee, chocolate or sugar just to make it to dinner…

Worst of all, your business feels like it’s slowing to a standstill and your never-ending to-do list just seems to get longer… and forget about having a social life – at the end of the day, you just want to flop on the couch and veg out.

You wonder – how on Earth can I grow my business if I’m feeling so crap?

You know that if your business is to make the impact you set out to make, something has to change…

Let’s take you from there to…

Waking each day feeling refreshed and excited for another goal kicking day ahead.

Gliding through your day with a clear, sharp mind and stable energy without needing to resort to caffeine or sugar.

Growing your business with the energy and vibrancy that makes you exude magnetism and confidence…. (a sure fire way to attract more clients)

You have more than enough energy to enjoy your life outside of work, and feel tremendously grateful for creating a life of fun, meaning and deliciousness, memorable experiences.


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Skyrocket your energy to maximise your effectiveness and success in business in 5 steps.


Skyrocket the energy and performance of your business or team.

I now have a huge portion of my social life back, and an ease to eating, cooking and sharing times with friends and family.

I came to Melissa with fatigue, anxiety and stress related IBS. I used to sit in a restaurant not knowing what I could eat without pain. My symptoms improved over such a short amount of time. I now have a huge portion of my social life back and an ease to eating, cooking and sharing time with friends and family.

I always felt comfortable telling Melissa anything, even personal things in my life that were causing anxiety. She always dealt with my issues with seriousness and patience, always being professional yet also like a friend. Every session was a pleasure. She always provided me with options and let me try methods and suggestions at my own pace and choice. I’d recommend Melissa as her approach is so thorough that she gets to the root cause of a health problem, and treats her clients with respect and kindness. Thanks Melissa – you’re fab!

Anna Demetriou


Whenever I feel below par she is the first person I go to.

I first went to see Melissa when I was feeling completely exhausted and just couldn’t seem to pick myself up again. Melissa was gentle and thorough in her approach, and I felt really supported at a difficult time. She made sure I understood her recommendations, and I immediately felt I was in good hands.

Over the next few months, I adapted my diet and lifestyle and took the supplements she recommended, and very quickly felt a lot stronger, better rested after sleep and was happier in myself. What a difference! Whenever I feel below par she is the first person I go to, and she always has something helpful to say!

Ruth Blake

Healer, Musician

I was so impressed I recommended 3 members of my family to see her.

I was blown away by the support and detailed advice Melissa gave me. She spent time to fully understand my individual health needs and gave me targeted advice, taking into account my cultural and religious restrictions.

Melissa’s health plan for me improved my fatigue, asthma and eczema in a short period of time, and had the pleasant side effect of losing a couple of kilos! I was so impressed I recommended 3 members of my family to see her.


IT Consultant


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