Ready to let go of stress, exhaustion and overwhelm and optimise your health, productivity and profits?

Let’s do it together in this tailor made VIP day designed to skyrocket your success and sanity!

Some questions for you…

Are you feeling burned out, exhausted and overwhelmed by your business – waking each day with knots in your stomach because you’re worried your business is going to fail?

Are you procrastinating each day, busy spinning your wheels with little to show for it, because you’re unsure how to take your business to the next level?

Do you experience a roller-coaster of emotions most days, which impact your energy, productivity and success, leaving you wishing there was an OFF switch for your mind?

Are you starting to feel like you’re a slave to your business – having little time for yourself or loved ones (and your relationships feel pressured because of this)?

There’s nothing worse than the overwhelming feeling of not being as successful as you could be in business, because you’re overcome with stress, exhaustion and confusion.

It can feel like there’s no way out… and that you might have to go back to the 9-5 you left to create a life doing what you truly love.

Thankfully, these IS a better way – where you can have success without all the stress and sacrifice.

A way where you can get more done in less time, run your business versus it running you, and have time, energy and freedom to enjoy your life!

Hi, I’m Melissa, a holistic business strategist and coach.  I’ll help you optimise your health, performance and business so you can get more done in less time, increase your wealth and give you the freedom you crave to enjoy your life.

I believe we all have unlimited potential for health, wealth and happiness. In fact, it’s our birthright!

My mission is simple: help you achieve your potential so you can have the health, wealth and happiness you deserve, without sacrificing your health, sanity and life to do so (Yes, it is possible!).

With 20 years of business experience, from being a brand consultant and director in world class agencies, through to building my own coaching and consultancy business, I know a thing or three about what it takes to be productive, resilient and successful in biz.

From working on brand strategies for global businesses like Kraft, Cadbury, GlaxoSmithKline and Unilever for 15 years, I know how to take an idea and turn it into a successful business. And from directing million dollar accounts and teams, I’m a master at knowing how to get more done in less time while delivering results.

From experiencing stress and burnout during my career, I studied Nutrition and Naturopathy (a holistic, preventative approach to healthcare) to heal my body so I now have the energy, brain function and focus to perform at my peak.

And when I started my own business 2.5 years ago, I trained as a coach to help me achieve my own potential, move past stress and overwhelm and create success with ease.

And now, I want to get you CLEAR, FOCUSED and ENERGISED, so you can get more done in less time, OWN your business rather than it owning you and create a productive, profitable business.

Because success needn’t be such a hustle and grind…. you simply need clear and practical systems and strategies that work for YOU!

Through the Be Limitless VIP Day….

You’ll feel energised, calm and focused so you can conquer your days with ease…

You’ll know how to work smarter, not harder in your business with a clear strategy that lights you up….

You’ll be able to achieve more with less stress!

What does the Be Limitless VIP Day include?

This special day includes 5 hours of private coaching with me (5 sessions with breaks in between).

Before the day you’ll complete an in-depth questionnaire so I can give you the best possible tailored support on the day.

We’ll meet in person in a relaxing setting in London (or via Skype), so you can focus on YOU and your business.

You’ll also receive a 30 minute follow up call a week later, plus a week’s unlimited email and phone support to keep you on track.

Your investment: $1,750


Your VIP day will be tailored to your needs, following the outline below.

Create a Limitless Body for Peak Performance

Health is true wealth and one of your biggest assets in business. This one of the key steps to creating Lucrative Vitalitybuild your health to achieve your wealth and thrive as an entrepreneur.

When your body is strong and healthy, you’ll have more energy, resilience to stress, creativity, clarity, confidence, focus and drive. In doing so, you’ll be more resilient and successful as an entrepreneur as you harness your fullest potential and thrive rather than burn out.

In the first session of the day, we’ll assess your health and together, create a Limitless Body meal plan that fits you and your lifestyle. You’ll also receive supplement and lifestyle recommendations to help you skyrocket your energy and performance.

Create a Limitless Mindset

Procrastination, overwhelm and stress are often the result of limiting beliefs. These beliefs can stop you from moving forward in your business, and make you feel like everything is a struggle.

In the second session for the day, we’ll move through your biggest limiting belief, so you can swing into action with the enthusiasm and drive you need to move forward and achieve your business goals. 

Beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not worthy of success’ or beliefs around money, fear of failure or success… and any others that may be keeping you stuck!

Create Your Limitless Business Strategy

In the third session, we’ll review your current business strategy and explore how we can optimise your business to bring you the success you’re aiming for.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or you’re in the trenches, you’ll receive support and guidance on how to take your business to the next level.

We’ll discuss strategies around product offering, positioning, price, marketing or sales – whatever you need right now to propel you towards success with clarity, excitement and focus!

Create Lucrative Productivity

How you organise your days and tasks is key to creating Lucrative Productivity: the ability to take productive, focused action that delivers lucrative results in your business.

Using my 7-step system, we’ll create your unique peak productivity formula and design your days so you’re set you up for inspired, productive action and success each and every day.

This means you get more done in less time in your biz – and bring in more sales and success!

Wrapping it all up…

The final session will be a review and consolidation of insights and strategies from the day, as well as an opportunity for you to ask any further questions.

We’ll also create a clear action plan, so you’re able to integrate all the actions into your life and biz.

Ready to skyrocket your productivity and profits?

Your investment is only $1,750 – incredible value to propel you towards the health, wealth and happiness you desire.

If you’re ready to take action and make your business a success, book your VIP day now!


Would you like a chat?

If you’d like to discuss your needs further, apply for a complimentary 30 minute Be Limitless Strategy Session.

In this session we’ll explore where you’re at and also see if we’re a good fit to work together.