The Ultimate Stress Reset Button Is Self-Care

Self-care is a way to press the ‘reset’ button on our emotions and stress levels. If you're stressed - please, today, take out some time for yourself to deeply relax. Ideally grab an hour or two, although 30 minutes will do. Feeling guilty for doing so? We often...

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5 Keys to Changing Habits

As the new year is just around the corner, our thoughts tend to turn towards what we want to change in our lives, so here are my top 5 tips to forming new habits that will actually stick past January. 1. Find out your BIG WHY For example, if you want to lose weight,...

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Maca Power Breakfast Smoothie

This delicious Maca Power Breakfast Smoothie will give you energy and stamina for a busy day ahead. Maca is an adaptogenic herb from Peru that helps to regulate the adrenals, hormones and nervous system - improving energy, stamina, mood and even libido. It has a...

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The 5 Most Effective Tips For a Rejuvenating Sleep

Do you wake each day feeling unrefreshed from your nightʼs sleep? Lack of sleep goes beyond just affecting your energy and stress levels. It impacts how you think, the choices you make, the emotional responses you have, what foods you crave, how much you eat and even...

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Get Off The Stress and Fatigue Roller-coaster for Good

In this interview on stress and fatigue for the Transformational Health & Wellness Summit, I share: - The most common causes of fatigue (some may surprise you) - Easy ways that stressed, busy women can restore their brilliance and feel calm, energised and focused...

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