Do you use affirmations, yet feel they’re not quite working?

The truth is that most affirmations don’t work.

The reason is because there’s a ‘space’ of lacking between who we are and what we desire – and our brain knows this.

So right after you say ‘I easily earn £50k a month’, your brain goes ‘yeeeah right!’.

And just like that, you’re out of alignment for that which you desire.

What’s more powerful than affirmations are afFORmations – where we ask positively posed questions to help us achieve our desired goal.

So in our ‘I easily earn £50k a month’ scenario, your afformation would be ‘Why is it so easy to earn £50k a month?’

Afformations help to bridge the gap between present and future reality, as we’re delivering a powerful, positive question to the subconscious mind, which always looks for solutions to our questions.

Your brain will start to bring you answers in the form of ideas and scenarios to help you align yourself to receive that new desired goal.

As a side note, if you’re always asking yourself ‘Why am I not making enough money?’ or any other negative question, your brain will most definitely show you why by bringing forth matching thoughts and scenarios!

Success is first created in the mind – and our mindset must be continually upgraded and nourished as we grow and expand as entrepreneurs: this is the premise of creating a Limitless Mindset.

Afformations are a powerful tool to use to create a Limitless Mindset, so you can align yourself to your biggest of dreams. So:

  • How can you flip your affirmations into positive afformations to get you more aligned with your big vision?
  • How can you take something you’ve been thinking negatively about and flip it to something powerfully positive to bring you more success?

Here’s one for you: How can you achieve your biggest dream with grace, fun and ease? 😉



Melissa helps exhausted businesswomen reclaim their energy to maximise their effectiveness and success in business and life.

Her unique approach combines naturopathy, nutrition, psychology and lifestyle strategies to nourish and energise women from cell to soul. Find out about her Energy Mastery Method here.


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