There are four assets you must possess to be an unstoppable, successful entrepreneur.

I’ve been discussing many of these factors in my community of female entrepreneurs, as when you have these four assets optimised, you become unstoppable, resilient and highly productive.

Having these things will mean the difference between feeling like your business is running you, versus you running your business.

Without these assets, you’ll easily slip into frustration and overwhelm, procrastination, exhaustion and, potentially, burnout.

And, from experience, that ain’t a pretty place to be.

These four assets are:

1. The ability to have clarity and be decisive

Overwhelm and confusion are symptoms of a lack of clarity and decision making prowess.

For example, if you aren’t clear on your goals, or can’t decide on the best way to reach your goals, you’re probably taking an ‘I’ll try everything and see what sticks’ approach.

Or worse. You’re stuck in procrastination prison. And I bet my favourite shoes you’re feeling overwhelmed, struggling to gain momentum in your business.

As the wise Tony Soprano once said, ‘more is lost in indecision, than wrong decision’.

Any decision is better than no decision.

Making a decision to commit to one clear strategy will give you focus, energy and kick you into action.

And, if that strategy doesn’t turn out as planned, what-ya-gonna-do?

Be like Thomas Edison.

He took 10,000 attempts to perfect the incandescent light bulb.

That’s 9,999 failures. Or lessons in how NOT to create a light bulb.

That’s vision, persistence and belief.

That’s being unstoppable, which brings me to…

2. A success focused mindset

No doubt you’ve heard this before. Without belief in yourself – belief that you’ll actually succeed – your business and pathway to success will be a struggle.

Your mindset must match that of which you desire, if you want to achieve your goals with greater speed and ease.

But – a success focused mindset isn’t simply believing in yourself. It’s the removal of all mental blocks you have in your way, some of which you may not even be aware of (because they live in the unconscious mind) that keep you playing small.

If you have a goal you’re not achieving, and you’re not sure what’s truly stopping you, then it’s likely you have these unconscious blocks.

For example – what if, deep down, you have a fear of success? What if you see success as a burden?

Having these blocks will mean you only reach a certain level of success – just enough that you still feel ‘safe’ – capping your potential for success.

Removing these blocks makes your journey to greatness more effortless, fun and enjoyable.

And, just like you don’t get a toned body by simply wearing active wear and having a gym membership (oh, how I wish!), you gotta work out your mindset regularly.

Give that grey matter the equivalent of some squats each day to keep you resilient through the good and challenging times.

3. Understanding your peak performance ‘flow’ state

And, being able to access it on demand.

If you don’t understand your own energy pattern, and you aren’t sure how to get into your peak productivity state, you’re truly missing out on optimising two of your most precious assets – energy and time – that can catapult your productivity and success.

This means getting more done in less time – freeing you up to take on another money making project – or to simply enjoy your time and freedom!

4. An energetic body and razor sharp mind

What you eat directly impacts your energy, mood, concentration, memory and learning capacity – and your overall ability to perform.

By walking through your days in a cloud of brain fog and fatigue, you’ll potentially miss opportunities and be wasting your brilliance that’s there to be unleashed!

Your health is your greatest asset, so knowing what to eat to consistently perform at your best is another vital contributor to success.<

So there you have it. The four assets that every entrepreneur must have to be resilient and unstoppable.

I’d love to know – do you have these assets, and if not, where do you need to improve?

This article was originally published on the Huffington Post.



Melissa is an Energy Mastery Coach and creator of the Energy Mastery Method - a 5-step system that helps exhausted business women radically increase their energy to maximise their effectiveness and success in business. This unique method combines nutrition, psychology and lifestyle strategies that nourish and energise women from cell to soul. Find out more about the Energy Mastery Method here. 


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