I’ve been contemplating the importance of intention lately and was discussing it in my Facebook group.

Not just about setting an intention – of being mindful of it each and every day – and most importantly, acting upon it.

I often see women set a clear intention when they start their business, which they then lose sight of as they progress.

They get so focused on tactical goals, sales strategies and the ‘busyness’ of business, they forget the ‘why’ that inspired them to get in to business in the first place.

This is how business owners become uninspired and burned out.

They forget why they’re in the business they’re in.

Kind of like a relationship going stale because you lost track of why you’re in it in the first place.

Having a clear intention and keeping it front and centre every day is what will keep you inspired.

You see, inspiration comes from your spirit (the term ‘inspired’ comes from ‘in spirit’).

This inspiration provides energy that doesn’t come from food or sleep.

It taps into your most powerful source of energy – your spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy will give you that fire in your belly to go forth and conquer. To be creative, excited and motivated every day.

It can give you the power to overcome fear, as you focus on the pull of your dream rather than that of your fear.

So if you haven’t thought about your business intention for a while, reinvigorate that intention.

Some questions to prompt you:

Why did you get into business?

Who are you here to serve?

What’s your big beautiful vision – and what’s your intention to move towards that vision each and every day?


– Write your intention down.
Those who write down their goals achieve significantly more than those who don’t.

– Keep your intention visible.
Post it somewhere in view in your work space so you’ll be reminded of it daily. You could have a lot of fun here and create a vision board to make it extra inspiring!

– Break your intention down into daily intentions.
My big vision is to inspire, educate and motivate thousands of business women to ditch stress and get more done in less time, so they can create more wealth and freedom.

My daily intention is to support the women in my Facebook community by sharing tips on how to do just that. If i’m not acting out this intention in my business every day, I know i’m off track from my goal.

– Tell other people about your intention.
Inspiration is infectious! By sharing your intention with others, it not only fires you up, it can ignite their spirit too. You never know what magic you can stir up in someone just by sharing your vision!

So, over to you, what’s your big beautiful intention for your business? Are you living intentionally in your business every day?

To your (intentional) success!

This article was originally published in the Huffington Post.



Melissa Smith is the Energy Mastery Coach, and creator of the Energy Mastery Method – a 5-step system that helps exhausted entrepreneurial women radically increase their energy to maximise their effectiveness and success in business by nourishing them from cell to soul.
From her home of Melbourne, Australia, Melissa runs the Limitless Fempreneurs community, a free community for female entrepreneurs who want to have the energy to create an inspiring life and business they love. Request to join here.


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