Self-care isn’t just about relaxation, massages and long walks.

To be successful without stress, you need to take a stand for your happiness and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Hence one key self care strategy is to create boundaries that protect you from people, places and situations that compromise all the above in some way.

These things negatively impact our energy, focus and productivity and can limit the level of success we want to achieve.

So here’s the first (and most important!) self-care tip you can do in under 10 minutes:

With paper and pen, write about the number one person, place or situation that has been draining or stressing you. Then answer these Qs:

How does it affect your happiness and the goals you want to achieve?

What boundary will you set for your self-preservation?
E.g. backing out of a commitment; limiting exposure to a person; deciding to no longer be drawn into a friend’s drama.

How will you achieve setting that boundary?

E.g. Schedule time to prepare for and call the person to decline the commitment; deciding to only see or speak to that person in a group setting or not at all etc.

So… What one thing will you no longer tolerate?

And if you want to dive deeper into clearing out that which drains you, check this article out.



Melissa helps exhausted businesswomen reclaim their energy to maximise their effectiveness and success in business and life.

Her unique approach combines naturopathy, nutrition, psychology and lifestyle strategies to nourish and energise women from cell to soul. Find out about her Energy Mastery Method here.


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