Restore your energy and reclaim your inner drive to grow your business and amplify your impact

Restore your energy and reclaim your inner drive to grow your business and amplify your impact

Is exhaustion stopping you from getting things done in your business and impacting how much you’re earning?

Are you:

Waking up each day feeling exhausted – and relying on coffee and sugar to get through your day? 

Feeling like your brain is in a cloud most of the day…. stopping you from thinking clearly and working productively… making you feel like you’ve lost your edge?

Constantly beating yourself up because you’re not achieving your business goals because you’re so damn tired? 

If so, in 90 days I’ll help you bounce back bigger and better than ever.

The Bounce Back From Burnout 90 day reset will help you:

Skyrocket your energy levels – giving you enough energy to grow your business AND enjoy your personal life (instead of flopping on the couch each evening)

Restore your brain function and mental acuity so you can think and perform at your best, making you more creative, productive and influential in your business

Feel at home in your body – dropping the extra belly fat, renewing your skin… leaving you feeling more confident and alive

Feeling more calm, centred and focused in your day to day life, so you can move through your days in a state of bliss and flow

Hey trailblazer, I’m Melissa…. 

As a naturopath, nutritional therapist and mindset coach, I help exhausted entrepreneurial women skyrocket their energy and reclaim their inner drive, so they can grow their business and make the impact they’re here to make – without sacrificing their health and life in the process.

Health needn’t be sacrificed in the pursuit of your dreams – and in fact, when health rises, so does your wealth. I’m here to show you how!

To help you bounce back from burnout, we’ll explore:

Nutritional therapy and natural medicines balance your biochemistry

Lifestyle strategies to nourish and energise you

Mindsets that are keeping you stuck in stress

Creating emotional resilience

Stress management techniques like meditation, mindful and more

I’ll hold your hand through the whole process, with:

A 2 hour induction session, including an in-depth health and lifestyle assessment

5 x 45 minute sessions

4 lifeline emergency calls (for times you need extra support)

Email support between calls for any queries you have (like when you need to ask which oil is best for frying)

Ready to reclaim your energy?

YOUR INVESTMENT: $1950 AUD (pay in full or in 3 instalments of $670)

This programme is for you if you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and are ready to take action to get your health, business and life back on track.

This isn’t for you if you’re not committed or ready to invest your time in making changes – or you’re after a one-time quick fix to your problems (This programme is focused on creating sustainable health, lifestyle and mindset strategies that when you apply them, you get you results).


If you don’t experience any benefit after following this programme, I will refund your entire fee, no questions asked.

Let's get you the energy you need to grow your business

YOUR INVESTMENT: $1950 AUD (pay in full or in 3 instalments of $670)