The Limitless Energy Method

Want a step-by-step method that skyrockets your energy, confidence and performance, is easy to follow and only takes minutes a day to do?

The Limitless Energy Method

Want a step-by-step method that skyrockets your energy, confidence and performance, is easy to follow and only takes minutes a day to do?

Are you feeling exhausted each day, with little energy to do the things you need to in your business?

Does your head feel like it’s in a cloud of fog – making thinking, remembering and focusing difficult, impacting your productivity?

Have you lost your confidence because your brain and body seem to be letting you down?

Are you carrying a little extra weight, especially around your middle – which also impacts how you feel about yourself?

Have you tried different diets, only to eventually go back to old eating habits, so the fatigue, brain fog and weight return?

If I could show you how to create a healthy lifestyle and boost your energy and confidence without having to starve or give up your favourite foods, would you be interested?

Can you imagine having the energy, brain function and focus to be your most productive, by investing just minutes a day?

If you answered YES! to any or all of these things, you’re in the right place!

And you certainly aren’t alone.

Millions of women are suffering from low energy and brain fog – and as a result – low confidence and performance. They try fad diets that don’t last, caffeine (lots of it!), plus other energy drinks and pills that leave them feeling even more wired, tired and frustrated than before.

They haven’t been able to create lasting change, and get stuck in a cycle of hopping from one quick fix to the next.

I’m here to end the insanity!

I’m Melissa Smith, a health and performance coach for female entrepreneurs. I’m a certified nutritional therapist, naturopath and transformational nutrition coach, and have been studying energy, performance and transformation for years.

Using a simple step-by-step solution that focuses on body, mind, and spirit, I’ll show you how to increase your energy, improve your brain function, confidence and performance, so you can be happy, healthy and wealthy!

I’m here to end the insanity!

I’m Melissa Smith, a health and performance coach for female entrepreneurs. I’m a certified nutritional therapist, naturopath and transformational nutrition coach, and have been studying energy, performance and transformation for years.

Using a simple step-by-step solution that focuses on body, mind, and spirit, I’ll show you how to increase your energy, improve your brain function, confidence and performance, so you can be happy, healthy and wealthy!

I’ve been where you are now…

I’ll never forget those days of waking up feeling exhausted when I used to work as a brand and design consultant.

I’d reach for coffee to wake me up, another at 10am, then yet another around 3pm to keep me from falling asleep at my desk.

My brain was foggy, I was always getting sick, my weight was constantly fluctuating and I had dark circles under my eyes because I wasn’t sleeping properly.

I was burning the candle at both ends too, by working 50+ hour weeks and staying up late partying whenever I could (well, I was in my 20s!).

Then one day I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed.

I had totally, utterly burnt out.

I was bedridden with exhaustion for weeks!

I didn’t learn my lesson though…

Once I got back on my feet, I carried guilt over how my health had failed me and continued on the same tiring lifestyle.


8 years ago, I could see similar signs emerging and took heed (a little older and wiser perhaps!).

I took a big leap and left my flourishing career to study nutritional therapy and naturopathy (a holistic, preventative approach to health), to discover how to nourish myself and finally feel happy and vibrant in my body.

During my studies, I found that the burnout I experienced was adrenal dysfunction (commonly called ‘adrenal fatigue’), leaving me with poorly functioning adrenal glands, making me less resilient to stress and more susceptible to fatigue, low mood, poor immunity and weight gain!

Food intolerances and blood sugar imbalances were also contributing to my low energy, brain fog, stress levels and stubborn weight gain.

These are common symptoms in our modern world, where so many of us push through stress in the pursuit of success, lack self-care and eat low nutrient containing foods on the run.

Using naturopathic nutrition, I restored my health to the point that I felt like an energised teenager. I was bouncing off walls!

I slept better. My weight stabilised.

I finally felt at home in my body.


I found myself sliding back into old habits.  The changes I made didn’t last.

And when I started helping clients with nutrition, I kept hitting roadblocks.

My clients were finding it hard to make lasting change too.

It was frustrating for me so see them make changes, yet not be able to stick to them – and even more frustrating for them as they weren’t getting the results they wanted.

I started to read about the psychology behind changing habits, and in particular, eating behaviour.

The key insight I found was that to change behaviour permanently, you MUST change the mindset around the behaviour. 

I realised that I needed to work with my clients on a deeper level if I wanted to affect permanent, lasting change. 

So I studied to become a transformational nutrition coach, where I studied the psychology behind why we do what we do, and how to create permanent lasting behavioural changes.

I also discovered that to have thriving, vibrant health, you must care for and nurture your spirit.

One of the reasons there are so many sick people on the planet is because we focus solely on the physical body, giving little attention to our mind, emotions and most importantly – our spirit. 

Our current medical system isn’t working partly because of this… but that’s another conversation for another day!

When you address your whole being, in body, mind and spirit, something radical happens.

You feel even more vibrant and alive.

You feel lighter, more creative, more inspired, more in alignment with who you truly are – even your life purpose. 

This isn’t fluffy woo-woo new-age BS.

It’s truth that’s grounded in ancient wisdom through to the latest groundbreaking science.

And now, after helping women using what I’ve learned through my studies around nutrition, psychology and holistic well-being, I’ve created the Limitless Energy Method to give you the energy, confidence and performance that not only works – but LASTS.


Having enough energy to work a productive day and still have energy to do activities in the evening.

Having a brain that’s clear, sharp and on point, where it feels like your intelligence has increased…

Having the confidence to put yourself out there with a new improved self image as you feel more at home in your body…

Having the energy and focus to achieve whatever you want to in your business.

Finally being free of the cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm and the feeling of not being as productive as you know you could be…

I want this HUGELY liberating experience for you, so you can make the impact you were born to with your business, while having a lot more energy and confidence to enjoy life. Because enjoyment is what life is all about!


To consistently feel energised, productive and empowered rather than drowning in exhaustion and overwhelm.

You simply need the right support and tools – and I’m here to share these life changing insights and techniques with you.

I’ll show you how to be that healthier, stronger, happier version of yourself.

The one that runs the thriving business you dream of, feeling healthy, happy and energised.

One thing before I share what this method is…. DIETS are a load of POPPYCOCK!

If I asked you what a chimpanzee’s diet was, would you think about the word ‘diet’ in the same way as you do for your own diet? Chances are, you’d see a chimp’s diet as food a chimp must eat to maintain their health.

Diets aren’t meant to be short term fixes. They’re a way of eating that gives your the body the nutrients it needs to thrive, and are something to be followed for the long term.

A short term ‘diet’ fix will only give short term results.

What you really need to transform your health is permanent change.

Permanent change is something that occurs on every level of your being. It’s a lifestyle – not something you try for a little while and then quit. 

I’m not here to give you a short term fix (you WILL see results quickly though).

I want to give you something that not only transforms the way you eat, but transforms your life, so you can have the happiness, success or wealth (whatever wealth means to you) you want in life. 

Introducing…. The Limitless Energy Method

The Limitless Energy Method is an effective, powerful way to help you increase your energy, brain function, confidence and performance!

I formulated this method through working with private clients over many years. Here’s what some clients have said about working with me.

I was so impressed I have recommended 3 members of my family to see her.

I went to Melissa not really knowing what to expect, but I was blown away by the consultation and detailed advice she gave me. Melissa’s health plan for me improved my fatigue within a short period of time, and had the pleasant side effect of losing a couple of kilos! I was so impressed I have recommended 3 members of my family to see her.


IT Consultant

I’d recommend Melissa to anyone who wants to improve their health and learn how to truly care for themselves.

After a hugely stressful busy period, I hit a wall and was unable to get out of bed. I was so exhausted and depressed. Melissa helped me not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. I now feel more positive, and energetic enough to take proper care of myself. I’d recommend Melissa to anyone who wants to improve their health and learn how to truly care for themselves.

Rita Abraham


Whenever I feel below par she is the first person I go to.

I first went to see Melissa when I was feeling completely exhausted and just couldn’t seem to pick myself up again. My muscles hurt and I felt low too. Melissa was gentle and thorough in her approach, and I felt really supported at a difficult time. She made sure I understood her recommendations, and I felt immediately that I was in good hands.

Over the next few months, under Melissa’s guidance, I adapted my diet and lifestyle and took the supplements she recommended, and very quickly felt a lot stronger, better rested after sleep and I was happier in myself. What a difference! Whenever I feel below par she is the first person I go to, and she always has something helpful to say! Thanks so much Melissa.

Ruth Blake


How The Programme Works

You’ll receive everything you need to do this programme in your in-box. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Week 1: Kickstart Your Transformation

This week we focus on planning and getting you ready to make permanent change. We delve into what to eat and why as well as how to start eliminating certain foods from your diet.

Week 2: Healthy Eating Planning

I guide you through the process of meal planning and give you some delicious recipes to get you started on transforming the way you eat right away! I’ll walk you through serving sizes and how to structure your plate so you know what healthy eating looks like.

Week 3: Eating Psychology

Week 3 we explore the psychology of the way you eat! I’ll walk you through why you know what to do to eat healthy (or make any positive change), but you don’t do it. I’ll also introduce you to the emotions that are motivating your eating behavior, and how to begin changing your habits to support your transformation!

Week 4: Mastering Your Mindset

In Week 4, we dive deep into the mind and the way you think around food and confidence. You’ll be exploring your thoughts so you can bring more awareness to your habits, to transform the way you think about yourself and food! You’ll also be guided through a transformational exercise to help give you a confident mindset that sets you up for success!

Week 5:  Creating Limitless Energy

In Week 5 you’ll discover that nutrition is only the starting point when it comes to energy, as I share how nurturing and caring for your spirit is key to having limitless energy. You’ll also get a fantastic guided visualisation and exercise that helps you own your worth and catapult your energy and confidence!

Week 6: The Keys to Lasting Transformation

In the final week, I show you how to maintain your transformation with 5 key essentials to lasting change so you’re set up for long term success. We’ll also explore other lifestyle approaches and techniques that you can easily integrate into your busy lifestyle to keep you feeling energised, confident and in peak performance.

Here’s What’s Included:

Limitless Energy Method Guide

This guide is packed with information to help you transform not just your performance in your business, but your entire life – mind, body and spirit!

It contains:

✔ A done-for-you meal plan

✔ Time-saving shopping list

✔ Quick, simple and delicious recipes you can make in 30 minutes or less

✔ Which foods to eat and avoid

✔ The truth behind why you know how to eat right, but just don’t do it

✔ Exercises to help you delve deep and experience permanent change

✔ Strategies to build your confidence and transform the way you think

And much more!

Limitless Energy Method Journal

This 6-week journal will help you track your thoughts, feelings and progress each day.

Research shows that tracking your progress will help maximise your transformation and maintain it into the future!


You have two choices.

Continue as you have been, feeling exhausted and frustrated pushing through each day, OR that version of you can be a thing of the past. 

It’s YOUR choice!

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same result.

So often I see business women pushing through, trying to make their business successful without caring for themselves.

When in reality, YOU are your number one asset!

When your health rises, so does the success of your business.

So how much longer will you wait before you say YES to yourself? How much longer will you push through?

You deserve to feel energetic, clear minded and productive so you can make your business vision happen with greater ease.

You deserve to feel confident in yourself so you can step up and step out in your business and tackle anything that comes your way knowing that you can achieve it.

You deserve a life full of energy, confidence, happiness and success!


  • Waking up every morning feeling energised, ready to jump out of bed and into another productive day
  • Being able to come up with solutions and ideas much quicker than you used to, as you can think clearly and powerfully
  • Your days being so productive, that you easily get through your to-do list
  • Eating deliciously mouth-watering meals that nourish and energise you
  • Running your business with the energy, confidence and focus you’ve dreamt of for so long!


Your investment: only $297 AUD

Of Course There’s A Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t receive any of the benefits outlined in this programme, I’ll refund all your money.

All you’d need to do is show me you completed the programme and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.


(*Except for some weight! Ha ha.)

I wanted to find a way to get the same results I get for clients that work with me privately, at an affordable price – and came up with this programme. 

As this is the first time I’m running this programme as a 6-week DIY course, I’m offering it at a massively reduced price in return for feedback and a testimonial. The price will double very soon, so take advantage of this one-time-only rate if you KNOW this programme is for YOU!

Introductory Offer: only $297 AUD

This bargain price won’t be here for long, so book your spot now at this incredible price!

This Programme is Completely Done For You

I share with you what to eat for every meal, everyday.

I give you quick and delicious recipes that are ready in minutes!

I include a meal blueprint to help you create your own meals in just minutes a day!

You’ll receive a healthy plate guide that shows you exactly what to put on your plate to ensure success! Plus a handy guide that explains serving sizes depending on your personal goals.

AND detailed instructions on how to plan, shop, prepare, and cook in order to transform your diet!

I provide simple shifts and tips to help you transform your mind, body, and spirit. Plus, we’ll delve into the reasons that you know how to eat right, but you just don’t do it!

In essence, I help you to transform your mind, body, and spirit so you experience permanent change and not just a quick fix!

I will show you exercises that will help you delve into what’s blocking you from creating REAL transformation in your life!

Plus strategies to keep you on track and maintain your transformation for years to come!