Hey courageous change-maker, I’m Melissa – your Energy Mastery Mentor.


I show exhausted entrepreneurial women like you how to radically increase their energy to maximise their effectiveness in their business, while having the energy to enjoy a rich life outside of making their mark in the world.

Is exhaustion and overwhelm holding you back in your business and your life?

 If so, I’m glad you’re here, because:

You needn’t stay stuck in the cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm. There is a way to break the cycle for good, so you feel calm, energised and focused.

You CAN build a successful business without compromising your health and life in the process, through simple strategies that nurture your number one asset – YOU.

Because when your health is in a peak state, you operate from your most creative, productive and inspired space.

You’ll get more done in less time than you thought possible… bringing you more income in your business and more time and freedom to enjoy your life.

(I call this Lucrative Vitality. Health leads to wealth!).


I’ll never forget those days of waking up with my heart pounding.

The creeping sensation of anxiety washing over me, brought on by the gazillion thoughts streaming out of my head, even before opening my tired, weary eyes.

You see I started my working life as a brand and design consultant in the consumer goods industry.

I loved the fast‐paced, creative environment. The insights into marketing, design and consumer behaviour fascinated me.

Driven by my desire to succeed, my strong work ethic quickly morphed into full‐blown workaholism.

I never declined a new project or client, and as such, handled a colossal client base.

I relinquished every other responsibility (AKA ‘life’) to maintain the level of performance which became expected of me.

For a while, I thrived under the pressure…


Relaxation was a word I no longer understood. People may as well have said ‘You just need to be a quantum physicist!’ when telling me to take time to relax!

My three favourite stress reducing vices were cigarettes, champagne and chocolate.

Yet I never felt truly relaxed, just distracted and numb for a while.

Then, I was always getting sick and felt constantly tired.

My brain was foggy, I had crazy mood swings, fluctuating weight and dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep.

Then one day, at no surprise to anyone, I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed.

I had totally, utterly burnt out.

I was bedridden with exhaustion and depression for weeks!

I didn’t learn my lesson though…

Once I got back on my feet, I carried guilt over how my health had failed me and continued on my stressful lifestyle.


Around 7 years ago, I saw similar signs emerging and took heed (a little older and wiser perhaps!).

I left my flourishing career to study nutritional therapy and naturopathy (a holistic, preventative approach to health), to discover how to heal myself and return to my old vibrant self.

During my studies, I discovered the burnout I experienced was adrenal dysfunction (commonly called ‘adrenal fatigue’), making me less resilient to stress and more susceptible to anxiety, low mood, poor immunity and fatigue!

Food intolerances and blood sugar imbalances were also contributing to my low energy, brain fog, stress levels and stubborn weight gain.

These symptoms are so common among women, as so many of us push ourselves to do more, while placing self-care on the bottom of our list and eating foods that lack the nutrition needed to fuel our bodies properly.

Using what I learned in my training, my energy returned. 

I slept better. My mood stabilised, my brain fog disappeared and my sharp, witty self emerged like sunlight bursting through a cloudy day.

I lost a few kgs and I looked and felt incredible!

I finally felt at home and alive in my body.


I still found myself repeating the same stress‐inducing patterns I had before.

I’d have a meltdown if I didn’t get above 94% in my exams (my self-determined ‘magic number’ of success!).

I’d deliberate over the smallest of things…

My mind was still cluttered and out of control.


I became fascinated with psychology, so dove into further training as a Transformational Nutrition Coach.

The training focused on the psychology of why we do what we do, and how to replace destructive beliefs and behaviours to create permanent, positive change – whether that’s in our eating habits, our relationships or how we react to our environment.

During my training, I realised my stress came from not only how I was reacting to stress – but the circumstances I’d created in my life based on my internal beliefs.

For example, I never felt good enough just as I was (We usually pick this belief up at school, hence why so many children are stressed!).

I was also terrified of being rejected…

So, my workaholism, ‘yes’ girl addiction and perfectionism were really about validating my worth, while feeding my fear of rejection.

(Light-bulb moment!)

And now, I often see these beliefs show up in entrepreneurial women…

Working like crazy to validate their sense of self worth… 

Focusing on perfection rather than progress and getting stuck in procrastination and overwhelm…

Giving too much of themselves to others without caring for themselves…

Playing small in their business because they feel they’re not good enough to really play it big…

….and they always show up as stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm.

In other words:

Entrepreneurial Exhaustion: The Destroyer of Dreams and Enemy of the Entrepreneur.


You can ditch exhaustion, brain fog, stress and overwhelm and get the energy, mental focus and drive to run your business, while having the time and energy to have a life of your choosing.

In doing so, you’ll be able to get more done in less time to achieve bigger, better results in your business.

You simply need the right strategies – and I’m here to share these life changing techniques with you.

I’ll help you clear the clutter in your life, mind and body so you can be that magnetic, vibrant power house you dream of being.

The one that runs the thriving business you dream of, lives the life of freedom and fun you desire… where your potential for success, happiness and health is limitless.

Because surely, you decided to start your business not just to be your own boss, but to create a life that other people only dream of, right?


Would you like to:

  • Feel more energetic in the morning so you can start your day productively
  • Have stable energy through til lunchtime so you can avoid the dreaded 11am slump (and the cravings that follow)
  • Feel lighter, freer and happier so you can conquer each task with more drive and gusto

You can start feeling better sooner than you think.  Grab your guide to discover 5 simple steps you can take to start feeling fabulous FAST!