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It’s tempting to go for coffee and carb based foods for energy and comfort when you’re under stress, yet the initial energy spike will be followed by a dip that’ll have you reaching for more of the same.

This is where so many people get stuck in the stress and fatigue rollercoaster (I know, I’ve been there!).

When you need the energy and strength to get through a busy day, without the energy slumps, B vitamins will give you that B-B-Bounce!

Each B Vitamin has a slightly different function, although collectively they support the body under stress, promote energy production, help regulate blood sugar and raise your mood.

Thankfully it’s easy to consume B Vitamins as they’re abundant in many whole foods, such as:

  • Meat and fish
  • Mushrooms, green leafy veg, berries
  • Avocado
  • Nuts, seeds – sunflower seeds, sesame, almonds, walnuts
  • Brown rice
  • Eggs
  • Beans and pulses
  • Oats

You might notice that many of these are protein based foods which also helps sustain your blood sugar levels and give you stable energy through the day.

If you’re out and about, many food shops like Pret, Yo Sushi and the likes have little protein pots of boiled egg and spinach – these are great choices for snacks on the run.

So when you need energy, remember the Bs to help you bounce back to life 🙂

PS: dehydration is also a BIG cause of fatigue. Most people aren’t even aware they’re chronically dehydrated. So always make sure you’re hydrated first and foremost!



Melissa is a naturopathic nutritionist, coach and speaker who helps exhausted businesswomen reclaim their energy to maximise their effectiveness and success in business and life.

Her unique approach combines naturopathy, nutrition, positive psychology and lifestyle strategies to nourish and energise women from cell to soul. 



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