Do you want to make sustainable, lasting changes to your life, business, health or anything else?

Here are 3 simple principles to making lasting change with less struggle:

1. Shift your mindset BEFORE your behaviour
If you don’t shift your mindset first, any change will be a struggle.

When you focus on what you’re losing by changing (as even with habits we don’t want, there’s a payoff for why we do it) and holding tightly onto that, you create a sense of lack and resistance, making change an uphill battle.

The trick is to align your mindset to that which you want to achieve.

Delve into WHY you want to change.

Get crystal clear on the BENEFITS and the RESULTS you’ll achieve.

How will your life improve because of this change?

How will it feel?

Create a strong, powerful picture of that in your mind.

Also get clear on what will stop you and why, so you’ll recognise them when they creep up – and create a plan on how you’ll move past them from the get-go.

If you get stuck on this part, reach out to a coach who can help you pinpoint your blocks and shift your mindset on a deeper level – often it’s tricky to work out what’s stopping us from making change.

So create a success mindset: focus on your why and the benefits vs the fact that you’re changing. Surrender to the process (rather than resisting) and then…

A keystone habit is one that will make the biggest shift for you – where other more positive habits will follow more easily.

For example, getting to bed earlier will enable you to get up early and create a morning routine like the Rise ‘n Shine method.

In business, a great keystone habit is to only check your phone/emails/social media at specific times, which enables you to focus more on your business.

If happiness is a goal of yours, a fab keystone habit is a gratitude practice.

3. Don’t buy into the hype of short-term fixes
They may be great as a kick-start, yet you’re very unlikely to stick to them long term, which will leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, with a feeling of failure (ask me how I know!).

So if you’ve tried something and slowly slid back into your old routine, this is NOT a failing on you – it’s that your beliefs need to change on a subconscious level and your habits need to be established more deeply.

Habits form around 80% of what you do and determine the results you get in any area of your life.

Yet new habits take time to establish, so play the long game and create small, achievable steps that you will commit to CONSISTENTLY. You want to hard-wire that habit in so well, that you do it automatically, like brushing your teeth 🙂

See your journey of growth as a long term strategy versus a 7, 10 or 30 day challenge.

So create a success mindset, choose a keystone habit, then slowly build other positive habits and do those consistently for lasting change.

To your continual growth and success 🙂



Melissa is a naturopathic nutritionist and health coach who helps people who are feeling tired all the time get their energy and life back. She consults with people worldwide via webcam (AKA telehealth) from Melbourne, Australia.

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