My number 1 tip for being in peak performance – that’s having energy, brain function, mindset and focus to achieve your goals – is to have a *non-negotiable* morning routine.

This is the Rise ‘n Shine method I created after exploring different techniques for over a year:

1. Waking at 6am.
This allows me a minimum of 1 hour of ME time before I get on with my day.

2. Hydrate upon waking with lemon in warm water.
Lemon is fantastic for stimulating your liver to remove toxins it processed overnight and fire up your digestion.

We also lose quite a bit of water from our bodies overnight, so hydrating first will help to rehydrate, wake you up and boost your energy.

3. 10-20 minutes of meditation.
Either a mindfulness breathing meditation or a guided meditation.

Meditation can improve your response to stress, learning ability, memory recall and focus, immunity, emotional processing and more!

(PS: I love the app Insight Timer as it has so many different meditations to try!)

4. 10 minutes of journaling.
Meditation helps to tap into your intuition, so often you’ll get bursts of insights or inspiration which you’ll want to write down before they disappear!

I also write out any challenges or concerns I’m facing to work out solutions.

This process will leave you feeling more grounded, clear-headed and focused.

5. 20 minutes of reading.
Read something inspiring or that serves your growth.

This helps to raise your energy and means you’re growing each and every day in some way, before the day is barely started.

6. 10 – 20 minutes of exercise.
Personally, I spend just 10 minutes doing HIIT every day.

That way I exercise every single day, as I really have no excuse to not do it as it’s only 10 minutes!

And it makes me feel energised without raising my cortisol too much which can happen with cardio.

Some days I’ll add on a 20 minute Yoga session – and I break for Yoga stretches and poses throughout the day to feel re-energised.

7. Eat like a champion.
Eat a high protein breakfast, as protein helps to sustain your energy levels, brain function and will keep you full until lunch time.

Examples are protein shakes, green smoothies, eggs with spinach or oatmeal mixed and cooked with egg and vanilla powder (it tastes like custard… yum!!).

8. 5 minutes of creative visualisation.
I’ll use this powerful practice to visualise how I’d love my day to go, in intense detail.

I’ll start with expressing gratitude for what I have in my life – and get specific as to what I’m truly thankful for.

Then I see myself having successful sessions with my clients; I’ll imagine seeing the joy and relief in their faces; I’ll engage all my senses and emotions so it feels real.

I’ll imagine myself having high vibe energy throughout the whole day.

Then release the vision and trust that it will happen. Give it a try – it truly works!

(PS: You can also use this for long term goals, so imagining in full detail what your life will be like in a year or 5 years ahead)

9. Anchors
Anchors, when used intentionally, help put you in your desired emotional state, so you can have the energy, focus and determination to get things done in your business.

When I sit at my desk, I have anchors around me that move me into a focused state, such as essential oils (lemon, orange or peppermint), a playlist of high vibe music, mantras and a green vegetable juice.

I also make sure my work space is clean and organised as working in clutter is a negative anchor for me!

So there you have it – this is what gets me into a peak state each day.

Do you have a morning routine, and is it working for you?

If not, could you start to implement some of these strategies to get you rocking and rolling each morning?



Melissa is a naturopathic nutritionist and health coach who helps people who are feeling tired all the time get their energy and life back. She consults with people worldwide via webcam (AKA telehealth) from Melbourne, Australia.

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