Making time each day for self-care is key if you want to avoid burning out.

You don’t need hours each day to care for yourself – just 10 minutes can be enough to feel recharged when you’re strapped for time.

Here are 100 self-care acts you can do in 10 minutes:

  1. Dance all out to your fave song
  2. Cuddle someone
  3. Read a poem
  4. Have a foot bath
  5. Get a massage
  6. Give yourself a head massage
  7. Do a mindful meditation
  8. Go for a quick walk in the sun
  9. Allow yourself to just be
  10. Yoga stretches
  11. Do a HIIT session
  12. Do a quick training circuit
  13. Call a loved one who makes you laugh
  14. Watch 10 minutes of something hilarious
  15. Do some colouring in
  16. Behave like a child. Be free
  17. Make a green smoothie
  18. Purchase supplements online
  19. Enjoy a herbal tea and daydream
  20. Read a chapter of a book
  21. Lie down with eyes closed and just breathe deeply
  22. Have sex
  23. Go to your nearest park and play on the swings
  24. Tell someone ‘No’ to an obligation you don’t want to do
  25. Delete emails from your inbox you won’t ever read
  26. Cuddle an animal
  27. Daydream about your best holiday
  28. Lie on the floor with legs up against the wall (this helps reduce adrenalin)
  29. Journal
  30. Acknowledge your achievements
  31. Write an email or a written note to a loved one to brighten their day. Tell them how much you appreciate them
  32. Write an email or note to yourself to brighten your day!
  33. Write out all the things you’re grateful for
  34. Light a fragrant candle and just be
  35. Book that hair, nails or beautician appointment. Block it out in your diary
  36. Do a mini facial – wash and exfoliate
  37. Do a mini pedicure
  38. Buy yourself something nice online
  39. Book theatre or event tickets
  40. Sing a song
  41. Make up a song
  42. Research your next holiday destination
  43. Play a musical instrument
  44. Read old letters from loved ones
  45. Read stories on hope and love
  46. Write as if you were creating a book – your memoirs or whatever you feel called to express
  47. Forgive yourself for something you’ve been holding on to
  48. Forgive someone else for what they’ve done
  49. Stand in front of a mirror and fully accept yourself. Tell yourself ‘I love you’
  50. Watch an old cartoon you loved as a child
  51. A guided meditation
  52. A walking meditation
  53. Be fully present with nature
  54. Accept the moment for what it is
  55. Appreciate your awesomeness
  56. Meditate with dark chocolate
  57. Have a cup of tea in your finest china. Make it a special occasion.
  58. Celebrate your life and all the gifts you’ve been given
  59. Make a decision you’ve been delaying to release some burden
  60. Watch a personal development video
  61. Reshuffle your schedule to allow for non-negotiable me time
  62. Plan out healthy meals for the week
  63. Contact an old friend
  64. Make amends with someone
  65. Throw out clothes that no longer serve you
  66. Organise your paperwork
  67. Look up your cosmetics on EWG’s Skindeep Database and throw out toxic ones. Find non toxic replacements
  68. Clear out your fridge of food past it’s use by date
  69. Daydream about achieving your vision and what that would feel like
  70. Play with children
  71. Organise your computer files
  72. Sit in the sun
  73. Buy yourself some flowers
  74. Delegate a task to a family member or friend
  75. Cross things off your to-do list that you’re never really going to do
  76. Gaze at the magnificence of the sky
  77. Pray
  78. Make a lunch date with your favourite friend
  79. Book a secret date with your partner
  80. Book an activity you’ve been dreaming of doing for ages
  81. Book a dental or medical checkup
  82. Have 10 minutes of silence
  83. Listen to something motivational
  84. Write a letter to your future self
  85. Write a letter to your past self
  86. Allow an old emotional pain to heal
  87. Watch baby animals on YouTube
  88. Choose to let go of unattainable standards
  89. Let go of controlling an outcome. Just do the best you can.
  90. Help someone in need
  91. Give someone else words of encouragement
  92. Share an inspiring story on Facebook
  93. Raise your vibration with essential oils (Rose or Frankincense)
  94. Drink some water
  95. Donate money to charity
  96. Unsubscribe from things that are no longer relevant
  97. Create a crazy dance
  98. Paint, draw, scribble
  99. Have a nap
  100. Read some jokes

Got any other self-care tips you can do in under 10 minutes? Share below!



Melissa is a naturopathic nutritionist and health coach who helps people who are feeling tired all the time get their energy and life back. She consults with people worldwide via webcam (AKA telehealth) from Melbourne, Australia.

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  1. Cherry

    This is a great list! I’m going to save it and use it. Like minds.


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