I wanted to share a recent challenge I had that I’m truly grateful for.

Last month, the server my website was hosted on was accidentally deleted… (They deleted 65,000 servers all in one go… over 120,000 businesses… yikes!)

I had a site backup saved locally that was a few months old.

My latest backup, however, was on the server that got deleted – and I’d just written 5 article drafts in the back-end!

Yes, lesson learnt there – ALWAYS download backups to a local drive (please do this too if you don’t already!) – though the point of this post isn’t about my (former) lack of robust site management!

I’m sharing this story as it’s the perfect ‘acid test’ for handling a stressful situation

In the past I would’ve completely freaked out! Panic would’ve overwhelmed me as my mind splintered into how much of a screw up the situation was, with thoughts like..

‘Why is this happening to me…’

‘Oh gosh I’m going to lose so much money in my business…’ etc.

Yet, my first reaction was a fraction of surprise which quickly shifted into opportunity and action.

Here’s a rundown of how this happened.

The first step – I stepped back from the situation, which allowed me to assess objectively.

Then I asked myself:

1. What’s (f)actually happening in the HERE and NOW?(My website is no longer online, however business is fine!)

2. What’s the lesson here? (ALWAYS download every backup you do locally!)

Followed by:
3. How can I make the best of this situation? – OR – How can I come out WINNING?

I’d felt out of alignment with my brand for a long time as my business had evolved so much since my nutrition college days.

My business name and positioning were based on nutritional therapy, when I now support clients on stress, mindset and business productivity too.

So I made this into a winning situation and re-branded my business.

The result? More alignment, contentment and excitement for my business and where I’m headed!

Using this approach when any stress comes your way can be life-changing.

The three questions above will lead you to solutions that help you move forward so you’re no longer stuck in stress and overwhelm.

Next time you experience any stressful situation, consider:

  • Where is your focus – on the problem or the solution?
  • Is it truth or runaway thoughts that are creating your stress?
  • How can you always come out winning in a situation – always choosing growth?

You’re only defeated if you allow it to be so… and your greatest challenges can birth your greatest triumphs.

And hopefully, my new website is proof!



Melissa is a naturopathic nutritionist and health coach who helps people who are feeling tired all the time get their energy and life back. She consults with people worldwide via webcam (AKA telehealth) from Melbourne, Australia.

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