What’s Your Toxic Body Burden?

Find out your toxic burden score now. Rate each symptom below based on your health for the last 60 days. You’ll then be presented with a score and an explanation of what it means.

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Watery or itchy eyes


Bags or dark circles under eyes


Itchy ears


Drainage from ear


Stuffy nose


Hay fever


Excessive mucous


Gagging, frequent need to clear throat


Swollen or discoloured tongue, gums or lips




Hair loss


Excessive sweating


Rapid or pounding heartbeat


Chest congestion


Shortness of breath


Nausea, vomiting




Belching, passing gas


Intestinal/stomach pain




Pain or aches in muscles (not from exercising)


Binge eating/drinking


Excessive weight


Water retention


Fatigue / sluggishness




Genital itch or discharge


Poor memory


Poor concentration


Difficulty making decisions


Slurred speech


Mood swings


Anger, irritability, aggressiveness


Frequent illness






Swollen, reddened or sticky eyelids


Blurred or tunnel vision (not including near/far sightedness)


Earaches or ear infections


Ringing or popping in ears, hearing loss


Sinus problems


Sneezing attacks


Chronic coughing


Sore throat, hoarseness, loss of voice


Canker sores


Hives, rashes, dry skin


Flushing, hot flashes


Irregular or skipped heartbeat


Chest pain


Asthma, bronchitis


Difficulty breathing




Feeling bloated




Pain or aches in joints


Stiffness or limitation of movement


Feeling weak or tired


Craving certain foods


Compulsive eating




Apathy, lethargy




Frequent or urgent urination


Confusion, poor comprehension


Poor physical coordination


Stuttering or stammering


Learning disabilities


Anxiety, fear, nervousness




This toxic body burden quiz will help you determine whether you might need to detox, based on your symptoms and their frequency and severity. 

Please note that the results are an indication only, and should not be taken as medical advice. Detoxing should be supervised by a qualified health professional to make sure it’s safe and effective for you. To find out about Melissa’s detox program, go here