The Energy Mastery Method: Personalised fatigue treatment for the exhausted and tired

Get your energy back so you can squeeze the most out of life!

Is exhaustion stopping you from getting the most out of life?

Are you waking up each day feeling exhausted… repeatedly hitting snooze on your alarm before dragging yourself out of bed?
Do you get energy dips around 11 am and 3 pm that make you reach for coffee or sugar to keep you going? Do you feel like you’ve lost the old, vibrant you?

If so, this personalised fatigue treatment program will help you eliminate exhaustion and get your vibrant self back!

This fatigue treatment program will help you…

Bounce out of bed with energy, so you’re no longer hitting the snooze button repeatedly…
Have stable, lasting energy to get through your day (without needing sugar or caffeine!)…
Feel truly alive, happy and healthy in your body!

Hi, I’m Melissa – a Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach specialising in the treatment of fatigue, inspired by my own struggle with exhaustion and burnout 15 years ago. 

Through my journey, I discovered nutrition was just the starting point when it comes to regaining and maximising your energy. 

I’m passionate about sharing all the insights I learned, and showing you how to overcome fatigue so you can have the energy to squeeze the most out of life!

The Energy Mastery Method is a holistic fatigue treatment program designed with you in mind

There’s no one quite like you. Your unique genetics, diet, lifestyle and environment all influence your health, so a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your healthcare is deemed to fail, and looking at diet as the only solution misses these key factors that influence your health. The Energy Mastery Method is a personalised, holistic treatment of fatigue, which considers all facets of your health to get you feeling healthy again.

Find out your personal fatigue factors, and get a personalised plan

This holistic fatigue treatment looks to address all the factors causing, or contributing to, your fatigue. A thorough assessment of your health will pinpoint what your personal fatigue factors are, leading to a personalised treatment plan to get your energy back that’s for you, and only you.

Because you’re truly unique, your healthcare plan should be too!

In your personalised fatigue treatment plan, we’ll cover areas such as:

Cellular Revitalisation

Support and nourish your body on a cellular level so it becomes strong, energetic and resilient so you can conquer your days.

Mastering Resilience

Manage your energy and emotions in a healthy way to increase your resilience to whatever life throws at you while giving you more energy, peace, and happiness!

Reducing the Invisible Load

Spring clean your mind and life to reduce your stress load, so you can free up more energy and time to enjoy more of your life rather than feel overwhelmed by it. 

Aligned Living

Discover what lifestyle and diet works for you and your body, so you can live in alignment with what your body needs to thrive. 

This 6 month energy multiplying programme includes:

  • 1 x 90 minute kick-off session via Zoom (includes an in-depth health assessment and setting a clear plan of action)
  • 7 x 60 minute follow up sessions via Zoom
  • Unlimited email support
  • Personalised fatigue treatment plan
  • Supplement recommendations to boost your energy
  • Exercises, handouts and resources that support your treatment plan and healing

You needn’t spend one more day feeling exhausted! This proven fatigue treatment will help you get your energy and life back.

I now have a huge portion of my social life back, and an ease to eating, cooking and sharing times with friends and family.

I came to Melissa with fatigue, anxiety and stress related IBS. I used to sit in a restaurant not knowing what I could eat without pain. My symptoms improved over such a short amount of time. I now have a huge portion of my social life back and an ease to eating, cooking and sharing time with friends and family.

I always felt comfortable telling Melissa anything, even personal things in my life that were causing anxiety. She always dealt with my issues with seriousness and patience, always being professional yet also like a friend. Every session was a pleasure. She always provided me with options and let me try methods and suggestions at my own pace and choice. I’d recommend Melissa as her approach is so thorough that she gets to the root cause of a health problem, and treats her clients with respect and kindness. Thanks Melissa – you’re fab!

Anna Demetriou


Whenever I feel below par she is the first person I go to.

I first went to see Melissa when I was feeling completely exhausted and just couldn’t seem to pick myself up again. Melissa was gentle and thorough in her approach, and I felt really supported at a difficult time. She made sure I understood her recommendations, and I immediately felt I was in good hands.

Over the next few months, I adapted my diet and lifestyle and took the supplements she recommended, and very quickly felt a lot stronger, better rested after sleep and was happier in myself. What a difference! Whenever I feel below par she is the first person I go to, and she always has something helpful to say!

Ruth Blake

Healer, Musician

I was so impressed I recommended 3 members of my family to see her.

I was blown away by the support and detailed advice Melissa gave me. She spent time to fully understand my individual health needs and gave me targeted advice, taking into account my cultural and religious restrictions.

Melissa’s health plan for me improved my fatigue, asthma and eczema in a short period of time, and had the pleasant side effect of losing a couple of kilos! I was so impressed I recommended 3 members of my family to see her.


IT Consultant


Your investment for this program is just $295 AUD/month for 6 months – or pay in full and save 10% ($1593 AUD). This includes personalised fatigue treatment and support from me, where I’m holding your hand the entire way so you can get the results you’re after (any supplements or testing required are additional to this price).

This programme is for you if you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and are ready to take action to get your health and life back on track.

(This isn’t for you if you’re not committed or ready to invest your time in making changes – or you’re after a one-time quick fix to your problems. This fatigue treatment program is focused on creating sustainable strategies that, when you apply them, get results!).


If your energy levels don’t start to increase within 30 days, I’ll refund your entire fatigue treatment fee!

You deserve to feel energetic each day so you can squeeze the most out of life.

Say NO MORE to feeling exhausted and frustrated! If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll end up burning out (I know from experience!)… which only leads to more frustration, overwhelm, and putting a strain on your work, relationships and social life.

Knowing how to repair your body can be difficult on your own, especially when you’re exhausted. You need clear, proven strategies that will help you get your energy and mojo back.

Let’s do it together!

First, let’s make sure we’re the right fit.

Apply now so I can assess if this personalised fatigue treatment program is right for you. If the program is the right fit, we’ll arrange a call to discuss how we get started. If this program isn’t right for you, I’ll let you know and suggest something else.

I am currently closed for new clients. If you’d like a referral to another practitioner, please contact me here.