Exhaustion Scale Quiz

Discover what stage of exhaustion you’re at, and strategies to start increasing your energy!

Where are you on the Exhaustion Scale?
Discover what stage of exhaustion you’re at. Answer each of the 12 questions based on how you’ve been feeling recently.

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Do you feel constantly tired and have no idea why?


Do you experience an energy slump mid afternoon?


Do you have unexplained weight gain, especially around your middle?


Do you experience a burst of energy late evenings?


Do you regularly catch colds or viruses?


Do you regularly crave sweet or salty food?


Do you find you no longer handle stress well?


Do you experience dizzy spells or feel lightheaded when getting up from lying down?


Do you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings?


Do you urinate more frequently than you used to?


Do you suffer from insomnia or find it hard to stay asleep?


Are you unable to think clearly and retain information?


This quiz will help you determine what stage of burnout or exhaustion you’re at. At the end of the quiz you’ll get some clear steps you can take to start turning your health around, based on your Exhaustion Scale score.

Please note that the results are an indication only. Assessment by a qualified health professional is necessary to determine the cause of your fatigue. If you’d like Melissa to assess your health and get you personalised strategies to get your energy back, book an Energy Assessment here.