Fatigue test:

Are you heading towards burnout?

Find out now in 30 seconds or less!

This fatigue test is for you if you can relate to these symptoms:

Tired all the time, especially in the mornings

Weight gain, especially belly fat

Brain fog

11am and 3pm energy slumps

Sleep problems / insomnia

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed

You may be feeling moderately stressed and tired to completely exhausted. This depends on what stage of exhaustion you’re at.

Take the fatigue test now to pinpoint what stage of exhaustion you’re at – and how close you are to burning out.

This online assessment will show your results in less than 30 seconds. 

There are a range of symptoms that can point to what stage of exhaustion or fatigue you’re at. This fatigue test asks you 12 simple questions relating to symptoms you might be experiencing. Simply select which answer matches you best for each symptom, and the fatigue test will tell you what stage of exhaustion you’re likely to be at.

Use the fatigue test as an indication only

The results of this online assessment should be taken as an indication only. A more in-depth health assessment by a healthcare practitioner is best to determine the best course of action to resolve your fatigue, and to explore what else may be causing your fatigue.

There are many different causes of fatigue, so it’s worth having a comprehensive assessment of your health, such as the Energy Assessment session which you can book here.