You are biochemically unique.

Every cell in your body is influenced by your genetics, lifestyle, environment and – of course – what you eat. This means your health status is truly individual, like a fingerprint, so a ‘one size fits all’ approach typically falls short when it comes to resolving health issues.

An individualised approach to health is one of the key tenets of Naturopathy – where all aspects of a person are considered within the context of present health concerns, and advice is tailored to your very specific needs.

In Naturopathy, consideration is given to:

  • Nutritional status, food intake and eating behaviours
  • Complete medical history from birth onwards
  • Toxic load and detoxification efficiency
  • Metabolic function of body systems – and the dynamic interplay between systems
  • The pH (acidity/alkalinity) of the body
  • Lifestyle factors – work, home, social, exercise environments and behaviours
  • Stress response and management
  • Digestive function and environment (beneficial bacteria, parasites)
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual disposition

I seek to understand why you have a particular health issue/range of symptoms, in order to identify and address the underlying cause in order to restore health. I also use coaching to help you create habit change more easily, which is key to getting your health back.

Alongside a comprehensive case taking, investigative clinical skills such as tongue, nail and skin analysis may be used alongside functional pathology tests.

Any natural medicines used work through the healing power of nature to restore balance to your body. These natural medicines are food, targeted nutrient supplementation, herbs, tissue salts and essential oils.

Healthy lifestyle practices are also suggested to improve body, mind and spirit – so all aspects of your health are addressed to help you get your health back on track.

Naturopathic principles

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