About Melissa Smith, Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Melbourne

I’m Melissa – a naturopath, nutritional therapist and coach based in Melbourne, Australia, serving women all over the world through the power of the marvellous internet!

I show exhausted women like you how to reclaim their energy and well-being so they can be the healthiest they can be.

I believe you can feel vibrant and energetic no matter what your age. It’s all a matter of doing what’s right for you and your body in order to thrive.

And I’d love to show you how.

What’s making you feel so tired and unwell?

Fatigue (and any other health issue) is a calling from your body to explore where you need focus. There are many causes of fatigue, and that’s what we’ll explore together to find out what’s causing yours.

I’ll take a comprehensive look at your health history and each body system to pinpoint where we need to focus to get your health back. This includes an in-depth 90-minute initial consultation, possibly followed by functional lab testing to identify the cause of your health concerns.

Then, we’ll have as many follow-up sessions as you need to get you feeling better. 

Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy and Coaching

These three powerful modalities combined help address and resolve health concerns in a more comprehensive and successful way than most approaches. I combine clinical insights with coaching to give you all the support and tools you need to get results more easily and effortlessly. This means I’m there when you need me, throughout your entire path to getting better.

That’s what I believe true ‘healthcare’ should be – holistic, supportive, and caring.


  • Diploma of Naturopathy, College of Naturopathic Medicine, UK – 2012

  • Diploma of Nutritional Therapy – College of Naturopathic Medicine, UK – 2013

  • Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Institute of Transformational Nutrition, USA – 2015

  • Nutri Advanced Metabolic Detoxification Practitioner, Nutri Advanced, UK – 2015

  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Certification, Institute of Functional Medicine – starting September 2019

I now have a huge portion of my social life back, and an ease to eating, cooking and sharing times with friends and family.

I came to Melissa with fatigue, anxiety and stress related IBS. I used to sit in a restaurant not knowing what I could eat without pain. My symptoms improved over such a short amount of time. I now have a huge portion of my social life back and an ease to eating, cooking and sharing time with friends and family.

I always felt comfortable telling Melissa anything, even personal things in my life that were causing anxiety. She always dealt with my issues with seriousness and patience, always being professional yet also like a friend. Every session was a pleasure. She always provided me with options and let me try methods and suggestions at my own pace and choice. I’d recommend Melissa as her approach is so thorough that she gets to the root cause of a health problem, and treats her clients with respect and kindness. Thanks Melissa – you’re fab!

Anna Demetriou


Whenever I feel below par she is the first person I go to.

I first went to see Melissa when I was feeling completely exhausted and just couldn’t seem to pick myself up again. Melissa was gentle and thorough in her approach, and I felt really supported at a difficult time. She made sure I understood her recommendations, and I immediately felt I was in good hands.

Over the next few months, I adapted my diet and lifestyle and took the supplements she recommended, and very quickly felt a lot stronger, better rested after sleep and was happier in myself. What a difference! Whenever I feel below par she is the first person I go to, and she always has something helpful to say!

Ruth Blake

Healer, Musician

I was so impressed I recommended 3 members of my family to see her.

I was blown away by the support and detailed advice Melissa gave me. She spent time to fully understand my individual health needs and gave me targeted advice, taking into account my cultural and religious restrictions.

Melissa’s health plan for me improved my fatigue, asthma and eczema in a short period of time, and had the pleasant side effect of losing a couple of kilos! I was so impressed I recommended 3 members of my family to see her.


IT Consultant

Schedule a free, no obligation call with me now to explore how to get your energy and health back. I look forward to speaking with you!

My story: I know exhaustion well…

I’ve been there and got the blood-sweat-and-tears soaked t-shirt!

Heard of the ‘C Lifestyle’? It consists of refined carbs, chocolate, coffee, champagne, cigarettes and a hearty daily dose of destructive self-criticism. I was an exhausted ball of stress and a hardcore perfectionist to boot. I worked myself to the bone, left no time to care for myself and bee-lined my way to exhaustion at age 26.

After getting close to burnout for a second time a few years later, I decided to make some big life changes so I could feel energised, healthy and sane! Since then I’ve been studying the dynamics of fatigue and health, and trained as a naturopath, nutritional therapist and transformational nutrition coach to discover what it takes to feel truly energised.

I thought nutrition and sleep would solve my fatigue…

Yet that was only the starting point! Not only how you eat, but how well your body absorbs nutrients, the level of toxins in your body, plus how you think, feel and show up in the world all contribute to how energised you feel. This is why my approach uses naturopathy, nutritional therapy, detoxification, positive psychology, mindfulness and lifestyle strategies to help women have the energy they need to keep up with the demands in their lives.

My mission is to help you feel energised, healthy and happy so you can enjoy life on your terms (rather than exhaustion’s!). 

You can live that big beautiful dream of yours, rather than the life you’re living because you’re so bloody exhausted. 

That’s what I want for you. And you so deserve the energy to create that!

Melissa x

PS: It lights me up when women tell me how much more energy and life they feel inside after working with me! I hope one day soon, that will be you!

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