Double Your Energy, Reset Your Metabolism and Lose Inches of Fat... without starving yourself!

Ready Reset Thrive is a 12-week program to improve your energy, metabolism, hormones, brain and well-being… so you can feel happy and healthy in your body!

Double Your Energy, Reset Your Metabolism and Lose Inches of Fat... without starving yourself!

Ready Reset Thrive is a 12-week program to improve your energy, metabolism, hormones, brain and well-being… so you can feel happy and healthy in your body!

Do you feel tired all the time, regardless of how much sleep you get?

Are you carrying annoying extra weight you can’t seem to lose, regardless of what you try?

And what about brain fog that clouds your thinking and focus – and other niggling health problems like hormonal issues like PMS, digestive woes, headaches, persistent sugar cravings and skin issues?

 What if I told you all these seemingly unrelated symptoms could be taken care of in one clean sweep?

If the above health problems persist no matter what diet, pills or treatment you’ve tried, high toxic body burden may be the underlying cause. We’re all exposed to toxic chemicals in our food, air, water, skincare, makeup, household products and more.  When your body is exposed to too many toxic chemicals, the liver becomes overwhelmed, and its function declines. 

When your liver isn’t working properly, your metabolism can drop, and your liver will store toxins it can’t deal with in your fat, making it difficult for you to lose weight. You can also experience symptoms like fatigue, headaches, digestive disturbances, skin problems, hormonal issues and brain fog.

Toxicity is now a global health problem and is linked to the rise in diseases like depression, cancer, diabetes and obesity. So if you want to prevent those diseases and solve your niggling health problems, the solution is to detox – although “detoxing” isn’t about drinking lemon water for 10 days straight, starving yourself or simply drinking green juice.

There’s so much misinformation around detoxing – some advice can be ineffective and some can make your symptoms worse! Hence it can be confusing and overwhelming to know what works and where to start…

So I’m here to show you the way!

I’m Melissa Smith, an online Melbourne-based naturopath, nutritional therapist and transformational nutrition coach, author of the Detox Demystified guide and energy and metabolic detoxification specialist. 

During my own struggle with fatigue and health problems like PMS and fluctuating weight, I discovered there are three keys to achieving vibrant health: optimising nutrition, detoxification and reducing stress.

The Ready Reset Thrive program is designed to address all three factors, so you can boost your energy, reset your metabolism, and optimise fat loss, brain function and well-being… and feel happy and at home in your body!

 I believe that your health is your most precious asset, as only when you’re truly health can you squeeze the most out of life.  This is why my mission is to help you feel energetic, nourished and happy in your body. 




A dramatic increase in your energy (possibly 2x – 3x the energy you have now)

Losing 5-15cm off your waist and 5-10cm off your hips

4kg – 12kg weight loss (some report 2kg weight loss per week!)

Improvement in your mental clarity, PMS, skin, and other niggling health symptoms

Finally kicking pesky cravings for sugar and coffee and having a healthier relationship with food and your body

Feeling vibrant, healthy and nourished – a greater sense of well-being

*Based on results of 55 participants in a previous detox program

This nourishing programme celebrates delicious, revitalising food.

You won’t feel starved or deprived with the choice of tasty, fulfilling meals and snacks. You get:

  • Detox guide with meal plan, food guide and easy to prepare recipes (Value: $997)
  • A detox journal to track your symptoms, experience and results
  • 4 x 30 minute fortnightly calls with me to keep you on track, plus email support (Value: $580)
  • Practitioner quality supplements designed to support your body’s detoxification process delivered to your door ($189 RRP). These are used in a 4-week deep diving detox in the middle of your 8-week program.
  • Before and after questionnaire to track your results 
  • BONUS: ‘Advanced Detox’ exercises and tips to help you reduce your toxic exposure in both audio and PDF format (Value $297)
  • BONUS: Environmental Toxins cheatsheet (Value: $49)
  • BONUS: Detox Demystified Audio Experience (Value: $129) 


 Right now you have two choices. Continue as you have been, feeling exhausted and frustrated with how you feel and look, or that version of you can be a thing of the past. 

If you’ve been needing a health reset so you can start making healthier choices for yourself, this is it, and the time is now. 

Investment: $1697 (including $189 worth of high-quality supplements PLUS $475 worth of bonuses!)

 And, you can choose to pay in full or in 2 instalments.

Bookings are by application only, so click the button below to book a call now.


How is the programme structured?

First, you’ll complete a brief medical history and symptom questionnaire. This helps you track your symptoms and makes me aware of any existing health conditions, so I can tailor your programme if needed.

Before your programme starts, we’ll have a 30 minute one-to-one consultation via skype or phone to discuss your goals for the cleanse, prepare you for the programme and answer any of your questions regarding the cleanse.

You get a done-for-you detox guide that includes a meal plan, delicious recipes (including pancakes, brownies and more to help you burn fat and eliminate cravings!), detox strategies, high-quality practitioner only supplements that help your body’s detoxification process work better, plus my motivating guidance, love and support!

We’ll spend 12 weeks together as I guide you through the program. The first few weeks are preparing and easing you gently into the detox. The deep diving detox is for 28 days, which involves 2 protein smoothies and one solid meal per day, as well as a 3-day liquid fast that includes 2-3 protein smoothies, soup and unlimited herbal teas. Don’t worry – you won’t be hungry!

The final stage is the detox lifestyle integration phase, to ease you back into normal life and carry across some of those wonderfully healthy habits you’ve been forming! This is so you can maintain and build upon your fantastic results. 

On the last day of the cleanse you’ll complete the symptom questionnaire again so we can compare your results against your initial results. Following this we’ll have another one-to-one session where we discuss your results and your experiences during the cleanse, and discuss how you plan to move forward to maintain or improve upon your results post cleanse.

Why do I need to detox and how do the supplements work?

Our bodies are burdened by today’s modern environment – stress, industrial pollution, adulterated, processed food, alcohol, household and personal care products to name a few. Our detoxification pathways can struggle to keep up with eliminating these toxins, which can cause damage to cells and, if they accumulate long enough, can contribute to the onset of disease. Routinely supporting our natural detoxification processes helps to encourage removal of toxins safely and effectively.

The professional quality supplements are designed to help support the liver and kidney’s detoxification mechanisms, support bowel elimination, boost antioxidant status and internal antioxidant production, balance blood sugar levels and support energy production. This means that not only is your body cleansing itself more effectively, your energy levels will also be supported and balanced, which is great when withdrawing from social stimulants like coffee and sugar that can leave you feeling a bit worse for wear!

You’ll get the following supplements ($189 RRP) delivered to your door (Australia wide):

  • Premium pea protein detox shake with resistant starch and herbs to support your detoxification process, boost your energy, metabolism and fat burning
  • N-acetyl cysteine to promote the body’s glutathione production – a major antioxidant involved in detoxification
  • Detoxification support formula with compounds like St Mary’s Thistle, curcumin and other herbal medicines to help your liver process toxins more effectively
  • Antioxidant support formula to help quench any free radicals and reduce inflammation
  • Activated charcoal to help bind to toxicants to remove them from the body, particularly heavy metals
Is detoxing safe? What makes this program effective?

This program is based on the latest science in detoxification and is a culmination of my years of research, study and application on detoxification. Many detox programs on the market don’t live up to their promises.  A safe and effective detox program must include:

  • A gradual approach that can minimise withdrawal symptoms, sudden toxicant release, and increase success rate
  • Enough nutrition to support all the body’s detoxification and elimination pathways (this means you don’t starve yourself as you have to nourish yourself to detox properly!) 
  • High quality supplements at therapeutic levels that are based on evidence for their efficacy and safety
  • Taking a holistic approach to remove environmental toxicants in your pantry, home and environment
  • Addressing issues of cravings from an emotional and nutritional perspective
  • A holistic approach that addresses stress (as stress reduces your body’s ability to detoxify)
  • Having the guidance and supervision of a detox expert to make sure you’re detoxing safely

Therefore the Ready Reset Thrive program is a safe and effective way to detox. You’ll simply be eating nutrient rich food, improving your sleep and self care, reducing stress and moving regularly to support your body’s detox pathways. Provided you follow the programme, along with any personalised advice I give you if you have existing medical conditions, you shouldn’t experience any adverse effects.  

What if I'm vegan, vegetarian or on a special diet?

Many of the recipes can be adapted to meet most diets, and there’s a range of recipes that are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, autoimmune and pescatarian. All the supplements used are vegan too. 

What is the programme investment and what happens when I sign up?

For a limited time, the program is just $1697, which includes high quality supplements (RRP $189) delivered to your door plus fortnightly sessions with me and $495 worth of bonuses. 

Payment must be made in full at the time of booking. You’ll then receive a booking link to book your first appointment, and will complete a medical history and symptom questionnaire when booking your first session. 

Your supplements will also be ordered and delivered to you. An additional postage fee will be applied to those requiring supplements to be sent outside of Australia, based on the cost of delivery to your location. Please note that I cannot guarantee delivery to all countries.

Is there a product guarantee?

Yes! If you do the program and don’t experience an improvement in your energy and weight, I’ll refund your money (minus $189 for the supplements).

Ready to feel lighter, freer and recharged on all levels?

Imagine yourself in 12 weeks time. Having more energy, fitting back into your favourite pair of jeans, looking in the mirror and seeing your skin glowing, all while feeling a deep sense of vitality in your body.


Investment: $1697 (including $189 worth of high-quality supplements plus $475 in bonuses)

Book a call now to apply for this program. 

PS: You needn’t spend one more day feeling tired, fat and frustrated. Take the leap now. See you on the other side 🙂