Want to enhance the health, well-being and performance of your team?

Let’s get your team more energised, focused and productive through results driven well-being strategies.

Almost 6 hours of employee time is lost per week per person with fatigue… nearly one whole day’s work! Fatigue costs the Australian industry upwards of $3bn per year due to losses in productivity, workplace injury and absenteeism. As a whole, absenteeism from all health issues amounts to $7bn per year.

Happier, healthier employees are 12% more productive and 87% more loyal to their employers, so the benefits of workplace wellness initiatives can be far-reaching. 

In my fun ‘lunch and learn’ workshops and programs, you’ll discover powerful and effective nutrition, mindset, mindfulness and lifestyle strategies to boost your staff’s energy, productivity and well-being – and the bottom line of your business. 


After struggling with exhaustion (and eventually, burnout) for years from working in corporate, I decided a sea change was needed. I left my career in the packaging design industry to study naturopathy and nutrition to find out what it takes to feel energetic and resilient. I discovered that nutrition is only the starting point. How you think, feel and show up in the world matters just as much. This is why I went on to train as a coach to master psychology, emotional resilience and other lifestyle strategies that help you feel lit up from your cells right down to your soul. 

My unique approach of Cell to Soul Nutrition combines the power of influencing biology, psychology, emotions and lifestyle to maximise energy, well-being and performance. My workshops deliver the most effective insights I share with private clients, and group programs help bridge the gap between staff knowing what to do and actually doing it to create lasting results, so the money you invest in your health and well-being program delivers a healthier return on investment.

The Eat for Energy and Peak Performance workshop will help your business team:

Discover the best foods to boost energy and avoid the 3pm slump

Banish brain fog to enhance focus, learning and memory

Use the most effective nutrition and lifestyle strategies to maximise performance

The Mental Effervescence: Maximise Your Mental Energy workshop will help your team:

Discover the fundamentals of mental energy

Eliminate draining thoughts that keep you exhausted and overwhelmed

Learn positive psychology and mindfulness techniques to maximise energy and well-being


The Creating Emotional Resilience To Prevent Burnout workshop will help your team:

Master emotions in a healthy way to eliminate emotional exhaustion

Discover what emotional resilience is

Create a resilience plan to boost energy and well-being


Further workshop topics:

Cold and Flu Season: Strategies to Boost Your Immune System and Keep The Nasties at Bay

Detox: The Key To Awesome Energy and Resetting Your Metabolism

The Morning Mastery Workshop – Set Yourself Up For an Energised Day

Sleep for Success: Secrets to Sleeping Well Every Night

The Secret to Making Healthy Eating Habits Stick

Prevention is Better Than Cure: How to Prevent Chronic Diseases

The Keys to Happy Hormones for Women

Transform Your Relationship With Food: End Emotional Eating and Dieting for Good

Busting Myths in Nutrition: What You Really Need to Know About Diets & Nutrition


Those who share health goals and have accountability in a group setting are far more successful at improving their health than people who go it alone.

In fact, a strategically designed program, where results are tracked and measured, can provide an ROI between 2:1 and 5:1 for every dollar spent on a wellness program. 

Group programs are therefore a fantastic solution for businesses wanting to create lasting results for their team.


Eat for Energy – a 14 day program with done for you meal plan, recipes and food guide

Metabolic Reset – a 28 day detox and weight loss program (with supporting nutritional supplements)

Ditch Sugar and Transform Your Relationship With Food – 28 day program to end sugar cravings and emotional eating

The Power of Presence Challenge – a 7 day mindfulness challenge to feel energised and empowered

Sleep for Success Challenge – a 7 day sleep challenge to feel relaxed and recharged

Energy Mastery Method – a 5-step 90 day deep diving to nourish your team from cell to soul


Past clients say…

Your audience will walk away inspired, motivated and armed with information. 

Melissa is a passionate and engaging speaker with practical tips on improving your energy through your diet. Your audience will walk away inspired, motivated and armed with information.

Suzanne Deeming

Co-founder, WorkScore

Those who attended one of Melissa’s workshops were keen to attend more.

We hired Melissa to introduce a series of workshops to our staff to improve employee well-being. Melissa spent much time understanding our needs and came up with a series of workshops that our staff thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from.

Melissa’s workshops were very interactive, informative and interesting. Melissa’s enthusiasm and personal journey was really interesting to hear and made it easy for staff to relate to.

Melissa always went the extra mile in meeting our needs. Her presentations were very professional and she took the time to get to know our staff and answer their questions.

Feedback from staff was very positive – those who attended one of Melissa’s workshops were keen to attend more.

Camellia Darabi

HR Adviser, Arbuthnot Latham & Co

Melissa is a tremendous speaker and extremely knowledgeable in her subject, as well as being approachable and professional.

Melissa recently spoke at one of my events for female entrepreneurs on how to boost energy, performance and productivity to become a more effective and successful entrepreneur.

Melissa was very engaging and also gave real life practical solutions for boosting energy, navigating stress and reducing the risk of burnout.

Melissa is a tremendous speaker and extremely knowledgeable in her subject, as well as being approachable and professional.

Sharniya Ferdinand

Business Growth Enabler, NatWest Bank

Really big thank you Melissa, you’re welcome back any time!

It was our pleasure to have Melissa as a guest speaker at the Edge of the Box Club. We had just over 100 job seekers, start-ups and local businesses who benefited from her expertise.

She gave a great insight into some simple ways to look after your body to help you be more productive in your business. She delivered with passion and empathy to all the audience and stayed for over an hour later to catch up with all the questions.

Melissa was a great addition to the club and we want her back. The startups and job seekers really connected with her approach and ability to build a quick relationship to help them.

Really big thank you Melissa, you’re welcome back any time!

Carl Southwell

Employability & Enterprise Manager, Edge of the Box Club - Chelsea Football Club Foundation

Melissa is a very professional person and at complete ease with her subject.

Melissa made a series of presentations to members of the Enterprise Club, based in Kensington and Chelsea, on the subject of stress and exhaustion – which created a great deal of interest among attendees.

Melissa is a very professional person, at complete ease with her subject and was well able to deal with the subsequent questioning from the floor. I recommend Melissa to businesses who want to improve productivity by improving energy and reducing the stress of their teams.

Colin Rutt

Portobello Business Centre

Melissa is a great communicator, and is highly passionate about nutrition, stress relief and achieving optimal performance.

We were delighted to have Melissa as a speaker during our productivity workshop. Our attendees were impressed with her knowledge of techniques which can be used to help relieve stress and boost productivity.

Her insightful tips will definitely have a long-term impact on our community of female entrepreneurs.

Melissa is a great communicator, and is highly passionate about nutrition, stress relief and achieving optimal performance. Her wonderful talk certainly boosted our energy levels!

Karolina Sieler

Founder, Fbizz Women Entrepreneur's Hub

The feedback from your talk has been phenomenal.

I would like to say a huge thank you for speaking at our November edition of Women Elevating Women. The feedback from your talk has been phenomenal and it confirms I made the right choice to invite you as a speaker.

You came, you inspired and informed the audience with such passion for your subject. It was a real honour to have you share your knowledge with our beautiful audience.

All the women were truly blessed and uplifted in so many ways. I hope you will accept to speak some time in the future and continuously be a part of our events.

Tokunbo Osunbayo

Founder, Women Elevating Women

It was so refreshing that more than business was referred to in being successful.

Had a very interesting and inspiring workshop with Melissa Smith yesterday as part of a NatWest Women in Business event in RBS Bishopsgate. It was so refreshing to be at a session where more than business was referred to in being successful. A fully holistic look at the life of an entrepreneur was a wonderful change.

Thanks Melissa and the workbook was a nice surprise as well as a useful tool for future use.

Hyacinth Myers

MD, Soul Conscious Creations Ltd

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Work and life, well-being and productivity, are not on opposite sides — so they don’t need to be balanced. They’re on the same side, and rise in tandem. Increase one and you increase the other.

Arianna Huffington, ThriveGlobal